Analysis Of Function Of Massage Table

With the family health care products, as one of the big: Massage Table, more and more people of all ages. A large number of Massage Table brand, Massage Table how? Today Xiaobian please everyone to understand how the Massage Table.

1, Massage Table can be acupressure, acupressure is not only safe and can regulate the body's yin and yang balance, blood running, enhance the function of organs, etc., is also relatively simple and effective, to maintain health, enhance vitality, balanced blood plays an important role The

2, Massage Table and the role of spinal correction. Can be through the human nerve cells and muscle cells densely spine parts, through the acupressure, massage, traction and orderly rinse, and quickly convey the heat in the depths of the body, combined with light and heat, photochemical and other effects, soften the organization, Traction correction of the spine.

3, warm sunburn is also a Massage Table can play a role. Warming Sunburn can enhance the energy of white blood cells, so as to achieve the strengthening of bactericidal function, promote adrenal cortical gland metabolism, enhance inflammation and immune function. It is on the surface of the human body meridian, acupuncture points, pain parts of a certain degree of stimulation, given the warm atmosphere of the meridians, so that blood circulation, so as to achieve disease prevention and treatment of the head.

4, Massage Table can massage massage. Mainly for the specific parts of the body to clear the meridians, will be able to reconcile the nerve, but also to achieve the effect of eliminating pain.

5, Massage Table can achieve the effect of beauty and body. You can through a variety of massage methods to reflect the perfect body's body, so that the body becomes beautiful, sexy, but also to achieve beautiful skin, face-lift, enhance, thin and so on.

Xiao Bian's opinion is that some of the disease can still play a supporting role, but the role of auxiliary and therapeutic or there is a fundamental difference, not only experience the staff of the store one-sided publicity, or need to understand and compare their own Make a decision on whether you need to buy.