Home Massage Table Material And Role Profile

Today, physical health has become a matter of concern to everyone every day, massage can make the body get a good relaxation. It is very important to have a Massage Table at home. Massage Table, also known as press bed, beauty bed, bed, rubbing back bed, etc., together with the decoration network to come to tell you about the home Massage Table material and role to.


Bed frame structure: usually Massage Table frame with wooden frame, iron frame spray, stainless steel frame, aluminum frame, the general cost of the relatively high wooden frame, followed by aluminum and stainless steel frame. Which is relatively affordable iron, fastness is also reliable, the disadvantage is a long time later, the paint will fall off, the interface will open plastic. Stainless steel frame recommended in the bath rubbing or water and other places, even if the moisture is not easy to rust high moisture. Iron frame spray looks very smooth, and it is not easy to rust, but also easy to weld into a solid, but not too wet in the stainless steel rust-resistant places. Solid wood bed frame Massage Table is also higher reliability, and gives a higher grade, but because of the higher cost, resulting in higher prices.

Soft package structure: soft package filled with soft and soft two sponge match, to ensure a certain degree of comfort at the same time also ensure that the bed is not deformed and high resilience. Fabric with leather material according to more than usual, usually imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, leather, etc., can also be used fabric fabric.


Shiatsu massage: to the body at random pressure on the human body meridians and stimulate a variety of receptors, adjustable body yin and yang balance, blood running, enhance the function of organs. Shiatsu medicine believes that disease is caused by the lack of energy release and energy inequality. Shiatsu massage through the palm of your hand, thumb, finger joints, elbow, knee, and even feet on the body parts of the pressure, they glide through the line of sight and energy catheter, the body hundreds of acupuncture points and meridian pressure. Shiatsu is not only safe and simple and effective, to maintain health, enhance vitality, balanced blood plays an important role.

Vertebral correction: through the human nerve cells and muscle cells densely spine parts, through the acupressure, massage, traction orderly rinse, and quickly convey the heat in the depths of the body, combined with the role of light and heat, Soften tissue, traction correction spine. Western orthopedic orthopedic correction that: the human work in the long life, due to poor life and work on the human body caused by spinal spine damage, so that the spine appears to be skewed, displaced, resulting in different levels of spinal nerve tissue compression, destruction of the nerve Normal work function, reducing the nerve tissue on the body's internal organs of the physiological function of the regulatory capacity, resulting in the decline in the natural immunity of the body, eventually leading to the occurrence of various diseases of the body. Therefore, the unhealthy spine is a major source of various diseases of the human body.

Warm sunburn: can make white blood cells to enhance energy, so as to strengthen the bactericidal function, promote adrenal cortical gland metabolism, enhance the fight with inflammation and immunity. Heat is a kind of physical energy. The use of heat energy in the biological energy conversion, physical therapy is the most commonly used method. It is on the surface of the human body meridian, acupuncture points, pain parts of a certain degree of stimulation, given the warm atmosphere of the meridians, so that blood circulation, so as to achieve disease prevention and treatment of the head.

Massage massage: for the specific parts of the body (meridian, acupuncture points, nerves) to clear the meridians, conditioning nerves, the elimination of pain.

Beauty and Body: refers to a variety of massage methods to perfect the body's body, so that the body becomes beautiful, sexy, beautiful skin, face-lift, enhance, thin and so on.